Mia x Burny puppies -2015



6 Mai 2015

Mia and Burny has got 10 puppies- 7 males and 3 females...- 

May. 6- 2015

REINRASA KORTHÅRA VORSTEH-KULL (purebreed German Shorthaired Pointer Litter


All puppies has now left for their new homes: THANK YOU AGAIN, and we really hope you will be satisfied with a puppy from il-temporacingkennel...
Also thank you to Solveig and Bent Aaseby for letting us use Burny. He his so handsome- really nice looking boy.

8 weeks: 






Ski-doo (male)- 


6 weeks old: 

Thank you to Karoline for helping me taking photoes of the puppies.... - some of the puppies were not so easy to co-operate with, but this is the results...

First out "the girls": 

1. " Tara" (she is going to Elverum to her half sister Petra) 

2. " Kamille" (She is going to Kiruna, Sweeden)

3. " Costume" (she willl be a racing dog in Russia)

The handsome "Gutta Boys": (not decided were to go yet)

1. "Lynx" (2 photoes)

2. " Honda"

3. "Kawasaki" (2 photoes)

4. Skii-doo ("the big man")

5. hehe... "Yamaha"... (2 photoes)

6. "Viking"

7. "Zusuki" (Karolines favorite)

"I farta".... (not "babies" anymore). Skii-doo close to the fence, "Zusuki" in the middle and Kamille


Same level... @@

Lots of new "sand" in the dogyeards.. the puppies are somewere in the dogyeard, but can you see them?

Playing... or fighting?

Male  ("Yamaha")

Females- 4.5 weeks old


Males 4,5 weeks old

5 weeks: The puppies has moved to "the big kennel" - and they just LOVED it ( I really enjoy to see them SO happy). The weather has been really nice so they have been a lot outside playing in the daytime, and they are running inside to their sleeping/rest place (heated)- when they would like to. They eat meat/dryfood 3-4 times a day now, (and milk from Mia). All puppies look happy. This weekend they will be dewormed again (Panacur). 

The puppies are now sold/reserved, and some will be family dogs and some racing dogs... (or both). 3 is going to Russia (racing dogs) and 2 for Sweeden- Kiruna (racing dogs) . 1 will move to her half sister in Elverum, nice to see they are so satisfied with their first dog from Mia. 

I am so excited to see how these puppies will develope- and I hope we have made some new family- and racingstars....


Weights 4,5 weeks old: 


1. Tara- 2420g

2. Kamille- 2630g

3. Costume- 2690g


1. Kawasaki- 2450g

2. Lynx- 3010g

3. Yamaha- 3160g

4. Viking- 2850g

5. Honda- 2450g

6. Zusuki- 2705g

7. Ski-doo- 3300g

4 weeks old:  

Hello, this weekend many puppy buyers have been here, and the puppies has got lots of hugs and some kisses...

They are all doing great- and in the next few days they are going to the "big kennel" for more space and fun... 

They are still sleeping a lot- but quite active when they are active. 

Male- "Kawasaki"

Female- "tara"

Tara again...

Day 16: 

Hello, we are all growing a lot.... - and we are doing great!

Male: Lynx 



1. Tara- 1200g

2. Kamille- 1350g

3. Costume- 1505g


1. Kawasaki- 1290g

2. Lynx- 1600g

3. Honda- 1250g

4. Yamaha- 1510g

5. Viking- 1383g

6. Ski-doo- 1800g

"Ski-doo"- male (the biggest of the puppies, so far....)


..... and a litle girl... Tara

The beauties.... 10 days old...


I am a bit tired....

9 days old....


1. week: here are some photoes from the last days. Everything is very good with puppies and Mia- the puppies are growing a lot (we can nearly see the difference every day...). They are sooo cute... 

Life is hard....


















Mia a great dog, and a great Mum....


2 males...


On the weight...


Individual photoes: 8 days old

Tuva (11 years old) has named all the puppies this time (with lots of love): 

First out of course the girls: they are named after magazines: 

Nr. 1: female- "Tara" (710g) brown/white



Nr. 2: female: Kamille ( 930g)- brown/white


Nr.3: female-  Costume (980g)- black/white

.... and then the Boys: they have got names after snowmachines (so I guess they are going to be really fast guys...): 

Nr. 4 male- Kawasaki (845g) - brown/white


Nr. 5: male- Lynx (1130g)- brown/white


Nr. 6- Male- Yamaha (1000g)- black/white

Nr. 7: male- Viking ( 1005g) - black/white

Nr. 8: male- Zucuki (940g) -black/white


Nr.9: Male- Ski-doo (1160g)- black/white


Nr. 10: Male- Honda (840g)- brown/white



Day 1: 

10 puppies...  5 black ones and 5 brown... 

Males: 4 black- 3 brown

Females: 1 black- 2 brown


New born...


Mia is a Fantastic Mum- and the puppies are doing great.


2 days old puppies... eating, sleeping and eating again...


1. puppy- 2 min. old... a boy...
















We will soon be back.... Individual photoes will be taken when they are 7 days old...

This is Burny- the puppies "daddy". 

He is raced by Solveig Kristiansen Aaseby, and has great results in dryland, nordic and sled.

He can run distances from 5 km and up to 30 km....

Burny is purebreed German Shorthaired Pointer- 70cm tall and 36-38 kg.

A-heaps ("the best"). 

Born: 18.08.2011



His results: